VBites Ventures has announced its third Venture investment, this time in the kings of seitan, LoveSeitan.

Promising ‘the best seitan you will find anywhere, period’, the founders at LoveSeitan are delighted to be able to avail themselves of VBites’ 100% plant-based manufacturing facilities to help scale their production and increase their distribution nationwide and internationally.

Speaking exclusively to Plant-Based News, founders Steve Swindon and Nick Abear said, “The investment from VBites and the belief from Heather Mills gives a real boost to our goal of being the ‘go to’ seitan brand. Access to the VBites 100% plant-based manufacturing facility means we can scale up ethically and provide our customers with the high quality seitan they expect from LoveSeitan along with an expanded range that includes new flavours, deli slices and diced pieces in smaller pack sizes.”

More dense than tofu or tempeh, seitan is 100% plant-based and can be used as a replacement to meat to give substance and texture. The Loveseitan range comes in a variety of flavours, including Chilli & Garlic, Smokey Dokey, Italian Herb, Funky Chyck’n, Sage & Onion and Ham Style.

Speaking at the investment closing ceremony hosted at bankers Coutts & Co. in London, vegan investor Heather Mills said:

“This is another really exciting investment for me. I have always had a secret recipe for seitan and, usually, when I try other people’s, it’s just awful. I met Steve and Nick last year and tried theirs, and was blown away. They have absolutely nailed it.”

VBites Ventures is a private, direct-investment portfolio established by Heather Mills, owner of VBites and a pioneering vegan entrepreneur, to assist early-stage plant-based businesses (including, but not limited to those in the food, clothing, cosmetics and toiletry sectors).

Heather is dismayed by the plight suffered by so many innovative and promising plant-based brands, in particular with the soaring costs of property and the real scarcity of 100% vegan manufacturing operations. To address this, VBites Ventures has invested heavily in its own completely plant-based factories to allow it to assist its investments in achieving their fullest potential but retaining their small-company feel and, most importantly, retaining the majority shareholding for the ambitious founders who have started them.

LoveSeitan products are available to order at loveseitan.com, and will be coming soon to retailers near you.