M*lks to get you off!

M*lkman is the only service of its kind that offers a nut m*lk product in glass bottles and actively encourages its customers to return them to for reuse. We think that puts them in their own playing field, and right at the very top of it.

PS.  They also use an industry leading 12% nut content in all our products, with the nearest possible competing brand offering just 6%.  Absolutely nuts!

Organic Chocolate & Coconut Oat M*lk

Pistachio & Sweet Chai M*lk

Organic Oat M*lk

Almond M*lk

Almond, Maca and Matcha Super M*lk

Cashew M*lk

Coconut M*lk

Turmeric M*lk

Spiced Pumpkin Seed M*lk

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Where to buy:


Order directly from the M*lkman
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