Probably the Best Seitan in the World

Although seitan has been made for centuries, it is not a very well-known product.  As a product, it is also traditionally made unflavoured, with flavour added as a meal is prepared. This has led to many considering it to be bland or tasteless and relegating it to a component of a meal like, say, tofu.

The founders at LoveSeitan set out to create a strong, recognisable brand of seitan which people associate with great flavour and a consistently high-quality product which will make people smile.  With a multitude of flavours to choose from, LoveSeitan seitan is delicious on its own, added to a salad, as a sandwich filling, stir fry or added to your favourite pizza.  As a high-quality source of protein, seitan acts as a perfect meat replacement in every meal which might traditionally have been based on meat.

LoveSeitan Classic

Classic Seitan is the original recipe. A deep, rich blend of herbs and spices, perfect for a Sunday Roast or a Full English Breakfast.

Curry & Coriander Seitan

Curried Seitan is ideal for stir fries, salads, curries & risottos. Its mild curry flavour adds a little something extra to whatever it’s served with.

Italian Herb Seitan

Italian Seitan is a fine blend of herbs, onion and garlic. Perfect for pasta, pizza toppings and salads.

Smokey Dokey Seitan

Smokey Seitan is ideal for creating the perfect SLT but also works in many other ways such as in burritos, stir fries and salads.

Chilli & Garlic Seitan

Chilli & Garlic Seitan goes with just about anything, but is perfect chopped up finely or grated in a burrito if you want to give it a bit of an edge.

Cajun Nation Seitan

Cajun Seitan in perfect in a stir fry, with pasta, on a pizza, in a wrap or in a kebab. It’s so tasty you can do just about anything with it.

Flaming Fajita Seitan

The spiciest seitan yet!  A mix of chilli powder, chilli flakes and Sriracha sauce to satisfy those who like things a little hotter.  It works really well in a stir fry, with pasta, on a pizza or sliced and lightly fried in a pitta bread with salad and more chilli sauce!!

Super Green Seitan

Super Green Seitan is for those who want their seitan with a little extra. Ideal when warmed and then covered in a creamy sauce or chopped up in a fresh salad.

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